Transmission & Distribution

The electricity market liberalisation has contributed considerably to the modification of electrical network constraints, especially constraints arising from energy transit due to commercial exchanges.

The integration of generation facilities, into the networks with the long-distance interconnection of remote generation and consumption centres as well as the minimisation of losses in the distribution networks pose further challenges to the transmission & distribution networks.

Using high-performance tools, HES offers its clients high quality consulting and engineering services in the field of erection and extension of overhead-transmission lines. Installation and extension of HV and EHV Indoor/Outdoor switchgears up to 400 kV levels. HES services includes equipment selection and preparation of specifications for EHV/HV power systems.

We at HES develop transmission line route plan, transmission line profile based on topographical survey. Our design services also include transmission line sag-tension calculation using in-house developed software as well as with SAG10 software. Design of HV and EHV Transmission line towers up to 400 kV level and related calculation is also done.

PLS CADD – Plan & Profile Model

PLS CADD – Ground Profile Model

PLS CADD – Sag Tension Report Model

PLS CADD – Stringing Chart Report Model