Power System Protection

HES has a strong team of experienced engineers who specialize in power system protection and automation. Our experts provide technical solutions in the field of Power System Protection and Automation for EHV & HV substations up to 400kV level down to LV and industrial distribution networks.

Our power system protection studies include preparing scheme drawings, trip analysis, and providing the best possible solution to our clients. We also coordinate grid and primary substation relay coordination, transmission line protections, and power system protection solutions for commercial and industrial facilities such as Steel Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Desalination plants, Sewage treatment plants, Airports, and more.

At HES, we provide the most appropriate engineering solutions customized to the needs of the application, following the best engineering practices. Our team of experts assist clients and consultants in designing the best and most effectual protection systems. We carefully select the appropriate type of protection and draft the scheme drawings for the selected schemes.

We perform power system protection analysis with a high level of power system and protection application knowledge, along with hands-on field experience in Transmission line protection Distance protection, Line differential protection up to 400kV lines, Interconnector Protection relay settings, Generator Protection, Motor Protection, Transformer Protection, Busbar Protection, Shunt reactor Protection Capacitor Bank Protection, EAT Protection, Breaker Failure Schemes,Anti Islanding schemes, 1P, 3P auto reclose schemes for EHV lines, df/ dt Load Shedding Schemes and settings, Arc Fault Protection Schemens, Directional and Non Directional Over Current and Earth fault protection, LV LSIG Protection etc.

Our aim is to achieve technically correct and accurate engineering within the defined schedule and budget. HES is here to provide the best possible solutions for your power system protection and automation needs.

System Studies

Power system studies are essential for ensuring safe, reliable, and efficient operation of the electrical grid. At HES, we provide power system studies for industrial, electrical utilities, and mission-critical facilities.

Power system studies are required for most new connections to the electrical grid. These studies help to show that the site meets the performance criteria set by the connecting authority and can help to obtain grid connection agreements. We can help you navigate the complex process of obtaining grid connection agreements by providing accurate and timely power system studies.

Power system studies are also used to identify existing or potential problems and to plan for the future expansion of the electrical grid. Our team of specialized engineers can help you optimize the performance of your power generation facilities, such as wind and solar farms, and ensure that they can safely and reliably connect to the electrical grid.

We can also help you optimize the performance of your transmission and distribution systems, including the design of substations, power lines, and other equipment. Our power system studies evaluate the reliability and security of the electrical grid, including the effects of system disturbances and the impact of new equipment and technologies.

In addition, our power system studies evaluate the power quality of your electrical system and design solutions to mitigate power quality problems. We can help you identify and solve power quality issues that may affect the operation of your electrical system.

The planning, design, and operation of power systems require several studies to assist in the evaluation of the initial and future system performance. In the design stage, our studies identify and avoid potential deficiencies in the proposed electrical system before it goes into operation, providing optimum solutions at the initial stages of the projects.

If you need to analyze a simple or complex power system, Solar Plant, Wind mill, STPs, Desalination Plants, Cement Plants, Chemical Plants, Oil & Gas installations, Utilities, we can provide reliable, accurate, and timely service.

Our team of experienced and specialized engineers is committed to providing accurate, reliable, and timely power system studies that meet the needs of our clients. Learn more about our power system simulation services using ETAP and DIgSILENT PowerFactory software and also about our power system studies services.


Load Flow Study
Short Circuit Analysis
Harmonic Analysis
Arc Flash Studies
Reliability Analysis
Protective device Coordination
Ground Grid System
Transient / Dynamic Stability study
Motor Starting and Voltage Dip study
Optimal power factor correction capacitor placement study
Grid Islanding Studies
Grid Impact Study
Insulation Coordination Studies