Power system Protection:


HES has experienced engineers who are specialized in power system protection to provide expert technical solutions in the field of Power System Protection and Automation for EHV & HV substations up to 400kV level down to LV and industrial distribution network as well


Power system protection studies includes preparation of scheme drawing, trip analysis and providing best possible solution to the clients, Grid and primary substation relay coordination including transmission line protections and power system protection solution for commercial and Industrial facilities such as Steel Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Desalination plants, Sewage treatment plants, Airports etc.


We can provide the most appropriate engineering solution, customized to the needs of the application, following the best engineering practices


We provide assistance to clients and consultants in designing the best and effectual protection systems. Our service includes selecting the appropriate type of protection and drafting the scheme drawings for the selected schemes as well


We are performing this analysis with very high level of power system and protection application knowledge along with hands-on field experience



System Studies:


The planning, design, and operation of power system require several studies to assist in the evaluation of the initial and future system performance. In the design stage, the studies identify and avoid potential deficiencies if any in the proposed electrical system in beforehand it goes into operation and it finds the way to provide optimum solution at the initial stages of the projects


HES has well experienced and specialized engineers to carry out power system studies for Industrial, electrical Utilities and mission critical facilities


Below are typical studies undertaken by HES:


·         Load Flow Study

·         Short Circuit Analysis

·         Motor Starting and Voltage Dip study

·         Harmonic Analysis

·         Transient / Dynamic Stability study

·         Reliability Analysis

·         Protective device Coordination

·         Ground Grid System Design

·         Optimal power factor correction capacitor placement study


The above Power System studies are carried out in Power System Study Software ETAP. ETAP is extremely versatile for solving majority of Power System Analysis problems. We have in-house software to generate customised output reports from ETAP generated results.


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