Civil Engineering

Hamed Engineering Services LLC (HES) has provided civil and structural design services for a large number of projects in the Power sector over recent years.  HES has extensive experience in the field of structural assessment (both static and dynamic) in support of design feasibility, substantiation and optimisation. 


Civil design related works in substation includes design of  all the civil related works for 33kV , 132kV, 220kV & 400kV GIS substation which covers  RCC buildings for GIS, control and switch gear, fire pump house, guard house etc. including preparation of architectural and structural drawing, Transformer foundations (750MVA, 500MVA, 125MVA, 20MVA etc.), Transformer fire walls (RCC and Block work), Outdoor equipment supporting structures and its foundations, Gantry structure and its foundations,  Foundations for equipment for HVAC, NER, EAT, Capacitor bank etc and outdoor works like road, compound wall, cable trench, storm water  drainage, car parking shed etc. required for the overall commissioning of the substation.


Static analysis work includes stress analyses of process plant and supporting structures, when subjected to loads resulting from normal operation, fault operation and accident conditions using STAAD III.  Experience in dynamic stress analysis includes impact studies and seismic qualification assessments.  Such work has involved the use of non-linear analyses using the DYNA3D code for impact studies.  Seismic studies utilise the ANSYS finite-element code in the determination of modal analysis to determine the natural frequencies, which are then used in a full spectrum analysis to determine loads.


In addition, civil infrastructure and building projects have included sewage treatment plants at Seeb, Saham, Musannah, Ibra, Izki, Sur and Salalah for the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.  Health Centres at over 8 different locations in the Wilayats for the Ministry of Health.  Road junction design for Muscat Municipality. Numerous office, warehouse, residential and commercial buildings for various private sector clients.


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